Slovenská Taekwon-Do Aliancia

Taekwon-Do Open Games, (Letter from ITF HQs)

A Taekwon-Do Open Games were held at the Cutural House in Sered, Slovakia.

The event was sponsored by the City Administration and organized by the Slovakia ITF Alliance headed by Mr. Ivan Kiko.

ITF HQs were represented at the event by Prof. Kim Sung Hwan, ITF Secretary General and Mr. Kim Chol Gyu, ITF director of Finance & Administration.

Prior to the opening ceremony, Prof. Kim Sung Hwan and Mr. Kim Chol Gyu paid a courtesy visit at the City Administration where they talked with Mr. Martin, mayor of the City in a friendly atmosphere sharing the importance of promotion of Taekwon-Do in the City.

Prof. Kim Sung Hwan made an occasional speech at the opening ceremony where he stressed the importance of such gatherings all conducive to the coming ITF event for its 20th edition in September this year in Pyongyang and wished all the best to all the participants.

He was followed by the mayor who expressed his proud of having the event   at his city.

Attended by nearby countries, the games exhausted Taekwon-Do skills and techniques of all competitors thus showing a real potential of their professionalism.

Preceded by artistic performance of the children, the event was concluded in its enthusiasm deserving the general attention of its citizen.

Prof. Kim Sung Hwan

ITF Secretary General

ITF EB member

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